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Kazuya MatsumotoGUEST Tokyo

Kazuya Matsumoto is a Musician SoundArtists Composer percussionist and Drummer from Kanazawa (Ishikawa) now based in Tokyo.

Matsumoto uses any objects that sounds including Japanese instruments like Hamon and Shamisen.

He focuses on the sound itself rather than the notes and melodies, and performs and records in the nature to create documental pieces.

By mixing his performance with environmental sounds, he transforms the whole space giving the audience a new experience.

In 2013, he received the grad prix award in the Otokuchi project which was held as the related project of Setouchi International Art Festival.

In 2014, he produced music for Primitive Sense Art Festival.

In 2015, he releases his 1st solo album "Mizu no katachi"from SPEKK label.

In 2016, he joined the "Kenko music festival" organized by the Commons label hosted by Ryuichi Sakamoto. He has also toured extensively throughout Japan (56 shows) as the "Mizu no Katachi release tour".

In 2017, his first sound installation "Sound capsule ~ Kazuya Matsumoto himself as an exhibit" was exhibited at the "Nakagin Capsule Tower OPEN CELL 2017" held at a profound architecture designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

he releases his 2nd solo album "Ochill Chill Michill"from SPEKK label.

He has also previously shared stages with musicians such as Asuna, Ametsub, Makoto Ooshiro, kyoka, Akio Suzuki, Chihei Hatakeyama, Takashi Tsuda, Tomoko Sauvage, Keiji Haino, Haruka Nakamura, FourColor, Yosuke Fujita, Federico Durand, Minamo, and Yui Onodera.

As a drummer, he plays in bands FilFla (with Keiichi Sugimoto), Mergrim x Kazuya Matsumoto, and with Itoken as Speakers etc.

web site : http://www.horhythm.com/

bandcamp : https://kazuyamatsumoto.bandcamp.com/

stabilospeaker gain teardrop Hiroshima

Based in Hiroshima, Japan, stabilo is the solo project of Yasutica Horibe.He plays the guitar in the band, 'speaker gain teardrop', which is based in Hiroshima.'stabilo' was born when he started making music that was difficult to be expressed by this band using the laptop from 2002.

web site : http://speakergainteardrop.com/stabilo

bandcamp : https://stabilo-loadbang.bandcamp.com/

Gallery SixHiroshima

Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six is an artist and composer who lives in Hiroshima, Japan.

He began his career as a musician playing drums in some bands, then in 2008, he started making ambient music releasing "Invisible" EP on Twisted Tree Line (UK), "Element Perspective 071" on Element Perspective (Japan) and some self-released albums.

In 2010, Gallery Six with other artists have formed "ArtLism.JP", is an art group, made up of musician, photographer and film director, met together under the concept of interplay between "Art + Altruism".

Based on his theme "Multidirectionally considering aesthetics which are very familiar, often forgotten, concealed in nature or events, and finally reveal them", he has been making 'sound sketches' mixing drone sounds mainly created from synthesizer and materials field-recorded when he goes wherever his heart leads.

web site : http://gallerysixmusic.com/

bandcamp : https://gallerysix.bandcamp.com/


遊神 (imagenos) - 能勢遊神 Yujin Nose



過去に即興でSession LIVEを様々なアーティストとおこなう。


2015年・Cazu-23(TURTLE ISLAND/Gt.のソロ)


2018年 8月・園田游氏


活動はソロに留まらず、YES WE ARE ALL MEN(バンド/Sludge Doom)、The Last Supper(ユニット/NOISE)、モジュララ(バンド) でも活動。また1974年から営業している岡山ペパーランドで長年音響を務め、レコーディングエンジニアも行う。自主企画【VISION!!!】シリーズを主催する。

2017年3月にデモ音源として「no_image #1」を発表。


web site : http://www.pepperland.net/imagenos/index.html

mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud.com/yujin-nose/

soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/imagenos

Yuki TabuchiOkayama







2018年6-7月/ 第6回新県美展(第70回広島県美術展)映像部門「gleam」アニメーションに挿入するBGMを担当

2017年6-7月/ 第5回新県美展(第69回広島県美術展)映像部門 優秀賞「万年筆のつかいかた」アニメーションに挿入するBGMを担当

2013~2017年3月(計5回)/東広島観光協会主催【西条酒造芸術祭 →ConnecT←】出展

2016年10月/【西条酒造芸術祭 →ConnecT← 2017】プレイベント用作品「風化と再生」出展


2013年11月/広島市少年センター主催【Ps festa 2013】旧日銀地下にて「Σr*sin(a*θ)」出展


soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/akira_m368

Genki IsayamaHiroshima

1987年生まれ。「崩壊」をキーワードに均一化しつつある世界に奥行きや情緒を与えるイメージを舞台背景を思わせる巨大プロジェクションの映像や鏡にキメラ柄を施した作品などで作り出す。主な展覧会に、「テレポーティング・ランドスケープ」(アートギャラリーミヤウチ、広島、2017)「Sights and Sounds: Japan」(The Jewish Museum、ニューヨーク、2016)、「UTOPIA–何処にもない場所–」(ART BASE 百島、広島、2012)などがある。